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Toyota Prius

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It has been the chief mode of transport in Hollywood and the vehicle of choice for anyone driving to a meeting to save the planet. A new version of the righter than right-on Toyota Prius is now rolling out of garages across Britain, promising to save the planet faster than its predecessors, to look slightly less like an armoured vehicle and to handle rather less like a tank. The curious thing about this latest version of a car that has such social cachet is that it is so ordinary looking. A natural anxiety overcomes you as you cruise silently around town. Yes, it has CO2 emissions of only 89g/kg, which represents a great reduction in its carbon footprint. It has a more efficient electric motor and a system to recover exhaust heat and warm up the engine. Solar panels in the roof power a system that cools the car after you park it. It is, in short, the perfect vehicle in which to run over Jeremy Clarkson.

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