Terms of use


1: General information

This agreement contains the terms of use of Nexma Ltd.’s (hereafter “Service Provider”) Cararea.co.uk service (hereafter “Service”). When registering at the Service the Member has accepted the terms and agreed to comply with these terms. A Member refers to everyone who has registered as user to the Service. A Member has registered as the Service Provider has conceded the Member a password. The Service Provider reserves the right at any time to change the Service, the content of the Service, the availability and necessary requirements set for the hardware.

2: Right of use

The Member is granted with the right to use the Service when registering as user and having received a user name. Only a natural person can register. Right to use is not transferrable. The Member is responsible for every action performed by his / her password and that the usage abides by the rules of this agreement. The Member is responsible for maintaining secrecy of his / her password.

3: Amendments to the agreement

The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of this agreement by announcing them in writing or through the Service to the Member. The amendments enter into force immediately. The Member accepts the adjusted terms when using the service and after having received information about the amendments.

4: Responsibilities and duties of the Member

4.1 » The Member agrees to use the Service only in accordance with the law and for generally accepted purposes. The Member agrees not to forward or mediate material in the Service that is against the law and contrary to good practice, provokes to such activities or promotes it.

4.2 » The Member does not have the right, without the Service Provider’s consent, to send or mediate advertising, marketing or announcement material in the Service. The Member is held accountable for that the services or goods that he / she offers for sale, to loan or to rent are in accordance with the law and that he / she has the right to the named activity.

4.3 » The Service contains material that is protected by copyright, trademark law and other immaterial rights. The entire Service is protected by copyright according to the effective Finnish copyright law. The Member may use protected material for his / her personal purposes. The Member does not possess the right, without explicit written permission by the author, assignee or the Service Provider, to disseminate, publish, copy, submit to the public or otherwise commercially benefit from the commercial material. In so far as copying, publication, dissemination or submission to the public is ipso jure authorised in special cases, the Member must always refer to the author’s or other assignee’s name. The Member is not allowed to mediate nor disseminate material that is protected by copyright, trademark law or other immaterial rights without the consent of the author or the assignee. The Member is personally liable for all the costs that accrue from the disputes concerning the material that he / she has stored in the service. The Member grants the right to the Service Provider and to other companies belonging to the same group to edit, copy, publish and disseminate material that the Member has brought available.

4.4 » The Member is liable for all the expenses and requirements emanating from the use of the Service or relating to it such, as telephone charges.

4.5 » Risk limitations of the Service Provider: the Service Provider is not liable for the correctness or reliability of the information that is published in the Service or for the correctness of the information of products or services that are held for sale in the Service or for the authenticity of the information regarding the goods or services that are held for sale. The service Provider is not liable for the content of opinion or chat platforms that are in use in the Service. The Service Provider has the right, but not the duty, to revise and alter or remove the content of the writings that are presented on the platforms. The Service Provider is not either liable for the contents or other attributes of other services that are in context with the Service or can be attained through the Service.

4.6 » Notice of termination: Both parties may at any time give notice of termination of this agreement immediately after the other party has received information about the notice. The notice concludes the Member’s right to further use the Service. The Member is responsible for all the liabilities and duties that fall within the scope of application of this agreement to him / her until the notice of termination becomes effective.

4.7 » Resolution of disputes: Disputes concerning this agreement are resolved in the district court of Helsinki in accordance with Finnish legislation.

5: Other

Given that Cararea.co.uk is a market financed service, market based communication is a precondition for the continuation of the service. It is possible to present commercial communication for the Members on the website or send it to the Members by email. The Member has the possibility to choose, when registering, whether or not he / she allow receiving direct marketing letters to his / her email address. Conducting of user researches: Cararea.co.uk has the right to track the users’ internet behaviour in the service, and utilise the received research results. The research is always conducted in a way that individual users’ results are not traced or published. Cararea.co.uk may utilise the information with third parties that is provided by the Members. Cararea.co.uk will not, however, deliver the information that provided by the Member of him- / herself to third parties without the explicit consent of the member.

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