• What is CarArea.co.uk?

    CarArea.co.uk is a gratuitous advertisement service for private consumers. The service is free of charge also for car dealerships for the present. Private consumer may have up to three advertisements simultaneously on CarArea.co.uk and they are valid four weeks after which they will be asked to renew their advertisement by sending an SMS to the service provider.
  • Is the service subject to charge?

    CarArea is gratuitous for private consumers. The service is also free of charge for car dealerships for the present.
  • Does CarArea.co.uk require registration?

    You need not register to look at advertisements. However, in order to obtain the right to use additional services, such as my favourite list, stored search agents, possibility to send questions to car owners and to advertise on CarArea.co.uk, you need to register.
  • How to register as a user?

    You may start the registration process by clicking on the “Register” link in the right upper edge of CarArea front page. The link will guide you to the registration page. After submitting the required information you may once more revise the information that it is correct and make necessary adjustments. Once you have accepted the Terms of Use and clicked on Save button (at the bottom of the page) you will receive a link to your email address to activate your CarArea account. By clicking on the link your registration becomes effective and you may log in to the service.
  • I did not receive the activating email that is required for registration

    Should you not have received an activating email immediately after registration, please wait a moment. If the email has not arrived after a while, you may resend your activating email by clicking on Forgot password? in the upper part of the page on the right. To receive New password, please type your Userid below in the Userid textbox OR type your email address below in the textbox, and click the “Go” push button. If, instead of this, you will not receive an activating link, please contact the system administrator by clicking Feedback link at the bottom of the page.
  • When trying to register the system informs that the email address is already in use. What does this mean?

    It means that your email address is already in use in CarArea. The reason for this is that you may have registered to the service earlier. Please contact the administrator to sort out the matter.
  • I have forgotten my Userid and Password and I am not able to register since my email address is already in use

    You may order a new Password by clicking on Forgot password? link in the upper part of the page on the right. In order to receive a new password, you need to type in your email address (the one you used in registration).
  • I have registered but I still cannot log in with my Userid and Password?

    Make sure that your browser allows “cookies”. The service might be unavailable, if your browser does not allow cookies.
    Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 6.0 and newer versions
    1. Select “Tools” from the upper left corner of your browser > “Internet options”
    2. Open “Privacy” tab and click on “Advanced” level push button.
    3. On the “Advanced Privacy Settings” page under the heading “Override automatic cookie handling” tick:
    » “First Party Cookies” and “Always allow session cookies”.
    » Click on OK push button at the end of the tab to activate the function.
    Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open “Tools” from the upper left corner of the browser.
    2. Select ”Options”
    3. Open ”Privacy” and tick “Allow cookies from sites”
  • How can I end my registration?

    If you no further wish to use CaArea.co.uk service you may end your registration by sending an email to the administrator by clicking on Feedback link at the bottom of the page.
  • How can I post an ad?

    In CarArea each sale advertisement must contain at least one picture.
    1. Register at CarArea.co.uk service and / or log in to the service / or simple click on “Post ad”.
    2. Click on “Post ad” in the upper part of the front page on the right..
    3. Click on the link “Cars, vans”
    4. On the page that opens, you need to attach at least one picture in order to proceed.
    5. After attaching the picture(s), click on “Continue” and fill in the detailed information and click “Save” push button at the bottom of the page
  • My ad has vanished from the “for sale” ads, what should do?

    Private consumers’ sale ads are effective four weeks at a time after which they must be renewed.
  • I am trying to attach pictures to my forthcoming sale ad, however, there is an error in transferring the pictures.

    1. Your image file(s) may be too large: please do not attempt to attach images that are larger than 500 kilobytes. All the images will be compressed in order to keep the page loading times acceptable.
    2. You need to wait that all the images are loaded to the Cararea.co.uk server.
    3. If uploading images takes too long, the server will display an error message. Please try again.
  • Attaching pictures to the ad does not work

    If you cannot attach pictures to your ad it is recommended that you empty your cache memory (see text below).
  • CarArea does not accept my register number while posting the ad. What should I do?

    In this case you need to come up with a register number the system accepts. Remember to report your ad’s additional information in the “Other information” field.
  • I want to modify my sales ad, what should I do?

    Log in to CarArea. Then click on the link “Your own sales ads” that is in the upper part of the front page on the right. Using this link enables you to modify your ad. If you have sold your vehicle, click “sold” and it will be removed from the list.
  • I cannot find correct make and model from the drag down menu.

    Try to press a combination of Ctrl + F5 just before clicking on the drag menu. Note that you need to press Ctrl and F5 simultaneously. If you cannot find make and model from the list, please inform us by clicking http://www.cararea.co.uk/feedback.
  • How can I bring my ads under different short cut links?

    Ads are brought under different short cuts links based on various criteria that are found from the ads. The user does not have much influence over this.
  • I would like to create a purchase ad. Is it possible?

    It will be in the future regarding Spare parts. CarArea is directed only for sales ads.
  • CarArea’s mobile version mcararea.co.uk CarArea

    It is also possible to gratuitously access our light internet pages using a smart phone or a palmtop computer that is equipped with web a browser.
  • Registered user’s functions

    This feature is only for registered users of our website.Hence if you are registered member of our website, then you need to Login.This icon expresses a characteristic that you will receive upon registration. If are already registered use, log in the service.
  • Storing search agents

    In order to store search agents you need to be registered as a user and logged in to the service. Search agent indicates the stored criteria of certain cars that are currently unavailable in the database. Once you have stored a search agent(s) the system will send you an email of the vehicles that corresponds your criteria that arrive in CarArea database. You may store four (4) different search agents. Searches can be stored by clicking “Advanced Search” and clicking on at the end of the page “Save search agent” (see also http://www.cararea.co.uk/advance_search). First, select your search criteria from “Advanced search”. Then, provide a name for the search and click on “Save push button”.
  • Storing a vehicle on the favourite list

    There is no limit regarding the amount of vehicles that can be stored on the favourite list. You may add a vehicle on the list by ticking it off (from the search results) and clicking on “Add to favourite”. In order to store a vehicle on the list, you need to be logged in the service. Note that you may compare (a maximum of four) vehicles!
  • Link hint to a friend

    You may inform your friend about a vehicle by clicking ”Send a link to friend” at the bottom of the “Vehicle information” page. The link will be sent to the recipient by email.
  • Sending an enquiry to the seller

    As registered user you may pose questions to car sellers on the “Vehicle information” page in “Ask question or Reply answer about this vehicle” (at the bottom of the page). PLEASE NOTE! Questions are public and your contact information (name, phone number and e-mail address) will be provided to the seller. Questions that are sent are not reversible. The question will not be published until the seller has replied it. This is made with the intention of protecting the seller from harassment. Once the seller has replied the question, the questioner’s name, phone number and e-mail address will become public information on CarArea site.
  • Responding to queries as seller

    Users may pose questions concerning vehicles for sale. The queries are emailed to the seller who replies them by clicking on the link that is provided on the query email. The seller sees new and non-replied questions marked by a question mark in “Your own Sale ads” list. The seller may also reply to questions by clicking on the question mark. The question and answer will appear immediately to everyone once the seller has replied to the question. Should the seller refuse to answer the question, he/she may delete the question simply by clicking on the tick next to the link.
  • Comparing vehicles

    The user may compare different vehicles’ information by ticking off (in the search result section) at least two vehicles (and maximum of four) and click on “Compare selected vehicles” link. It is also possible to compare vehicles on “My favourite list” and change them by selecting a different vehicle from the favourite list.
  • Did you not find answer to your question?

    Please, send your comments or queries to us http://www.cararea.co.uk/feedback. We try to answer them as soon as possible.
  • Emptying browser’s cache

    Cache and page history are checked from different browsers differently. Find out first your browser program’s name and version:
    » Program name appears in the browser’s upper bar.
    » The program version can be found under ”Help” menu from ”About...”. Then select the program guide of your browser:
    Valitse sitten käytössäsi olevan selainohjelman ohje:
    Mozilla Firefox 1.x
    » Open ”Tools” menu. Select ”Options ”.
    » Select ”Privacy ”
    If you choose ”Clear all” all the session information will be cleared off. You may also clear only cache or page history:
    » Select ”History” and Clear
    » Select ”Cache” and Clear

    Opera 8.X:
    » Open ”Tools” menu
    » Press ”Delete private data”
    » Press ”Delete”
    Opera 5.x ja 6.x:
    » Open ”File” menu. Select ”Delete private data”
    » Press OK push button

    Netscape 4.x
    » Open ”Edit” menu. Select ”Preferences”.
    » Select from ”Category” menu ”Advanced”
    » Select ”Cache”.
    » Click on both ”Clear”... push buttons and answer to the question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Select from ”Category” menu ”Navigator”, press from ”History” menu ”Clear history” push button and answer to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Press once OK push button.
    Netscape 5.x, 6.x ja 7.x
    » Open ”Edit” menu and select ”Preferences”.
    » Select from ”Category” menu ”Advanced”
    » Select ”Cache”.
    » Click on both ”Clear...” push buttons and answer to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Select from ”Category” menu ”Navigator”, press from ”History” ”Clear history” push button and answer to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Press once OK push button.
    MS Internet Explorer

    MS Internet Explorer 4.x
    » Select from ”view” menu ”Internet options”.
    » Select from ”Temporary Internet files” ”delete files” and answer “yes” to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Select from ”History” ”Clear history” and answer “yes” to question by clicking on OK push button..
    » Finally press once more OK.
    MS Internet Explorer 5.x ja 6.x
    » Select from ” Tools” menu ”Internet Options”.
    » Select from ”Temporary Internet files ”Delete files” and answer “yes” to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Select from ”History” ”Clear history” and answer “yes” to question by clicking on OK push button.
    » Finally press once more OK.

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