Price List specialises in offering web solutions and services to car dealerships in order to increase dealerships’ service visibility and to broaden car dealers’ audience reach. CarArea’s price-to-marketing is highly effective. Therefore, the service provides an opportunity not to be missed. Ask more from CarArea sales personnel. is free of charge for private consumers. Private sellers are allowed to have 3 free ads simultaneously on Register now and post your ad!

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 Vehicles for sale
Service description 0-30 pcs 31-100 pcs >100 pcs
Basic service £155 £250 £280
Feeding service:
Batch transfer £185 £290 £330
Hoover / robot £240 £380 £505
Webpage service £210 £335 £445

All prices are fixed office specific monthly prices. VAT 17.5 % will be added to the prices. Invoicing takes place in advance in three months instalments.

Discounts based on method of payment: 5% discount for payments made six months in advance, 10% discount for payments made 12 months in advance.

BASIC SERVICE, SDS (Simple Dealer Site)

Basic service package is directed for dealerships that photograph cars themselves and feed cars’ information to the service. The service is straightforward: You are provided a user id and a password that enable you to add, remove and modify information directly from your own computer. If you know how to settle electronic payments, using CarArea’s basic service is effortless for you. Basic service contains the so-called “own basic page” where your whole stock is displayed at a glance. See an example of our basic service (SDS):

Minimum order period is three (3) months. VAT will be added to the prices.

HOMEPAGE SERVICE, ODS (One Dealer Site) and TDS (TailorMade Dealer site)

Do you wish to join and would you like to acquire a homepage for your company? If your answer is yes, then Homepage Service is correct choice for you. We will tailor a website for your company (main page and contact information) and maintain pages technically. Therefore, you do not need a server of your own or an expensive programmer. You only need to photograph cars for sale and add them to the service, similarly as in Basic Service. See an example of our tailored homepage (TDS):

Basic pages start from £100. Tailor-made pages start from £300 (pages will be tailored according to your specific needs. The price depends on the scale of the project).

Minimum order period is three (3) months. VAT will be added to the prices.


Feeding service is correct choice for you if your company has an existing homepage where vehicles are available, along with pictures. CarArea’s search robot will be programmed to collect ads from your homepage. The robot will automatically update the ads on CarArea webpage every night. Therefore, all information concerning your vehicles will be available for consumers on real time.

Cost of founding £100. Minimum order period is three (3) months. VAT will be added to the prices.

Verify always feasibility of feeding service from the seller.


Transferring material from CarArea to other market medium is chargeable. CarArea charges £10 / month for transferring material from CarArea to other medium. Minimum order period is three (3) months.

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